For Your Thirst

Gorgeous collection of Vintage Water Goblets, Wine Glasses, Champagne Coupes, Sherbets and more in a variety of beautiful colors. Modern specialty glassware also available.

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For Your Palate

Beautiful collection of Chargers and Vintage Clear/Colored Glass Plates in addition to Modern Solid Matte Black, Matte Black Rimmed, White Marble, Floral Terracotta, Solid White Coupe, Vintage Stoneware and more.

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Eye Candy

Stunning details start here with Vintage Brass & Silver Candlesticks, Brass & Glass Vases and Compotes, Glass Cake Pedestals, Serving Dishes/Platters, Pitchers, Flatware, Tea Party settings and more. Modern specialty candle decor also available.

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Our Vision is Helping You Achieve Yours

Palladium Vintage Rentals is a boutique specialty rental company serving San Diego and Southern Riverside Counties. Our love for the beauty of vintage glassware and inspiration found in past generations is why we exist. We simply want to bring a bit of old beauty to new life for all of life's little celebrations. There is much to be said about breaking bread with family and friends around a beautifully decorated table and the joy it can bring with lifetime memories to be shared over and over again. With our vintage glassware, we often wonder "if only this glass could talk...".  The stories it must have heard around the table at special parties, wedding showers, baby showers, luncheons or just everyday family dinners could probably entertain us for days if not years. So why not keep it going by adding our beautiful collection to your special day where more memories can be made for a lifetime of stories to come? Just tell us your vision and we'll do the rest.

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